Plan A Team – Nick Flewitt; Managing Director

Effective marketing specialist Nick is our strategist, planner and data expert.  He has spent the last 30 years working within various marketing disciplines and over this time developed his appetite for the sophistication of direct marketing.  Nick firmly believes that

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Woodland Trust testimonial

“We’ve been working with Nick for a couple of years, he’s been like an extra member of our team.  He has very patiently helped me and my team develop our analytical skills, and given us invaluable support on so many

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Developing an email list strategy

The success of any email marketing campaign depends on the email list quality it is sent to

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The Woodland Trust

We have been working with The Woodland Trust for a little over 2 years, we have completed and implemented supporter RFV segmentation and supported the insight team on many analysis projects. Joanne Watson who heads the insight team said :

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Introducing the Sales Factory

After 3 years of running a home office I decided that I needed a grown up office and so I’ve been looking for office space.  Whilst exploring my options I came across Craig who runs a commercial photography studio Infinitus Studios .

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Setting up email CRM to drive the purchase journey

As CRM makes a comeback, here are five tips for setting up strong, foundational systems and data to drive and engage consumers towards e-commerce.

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Actionable insight from segmentation

Let’s talk about an important component of developing actionable insights from your search data; namely, segmenting your keyphrases and assets. It might sound simple but you would be surprised— almost nobody is doing it. Let me break it down for

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segementation in email marketing

Segmentation simply means grouping people who are similar – similar in any way you chose. Many email marketers pour over open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates daily, hoping for that subtle yet undeniable improvement, fretting over any drop in engagement

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Tips for Designing E-mail for Google’s New Promotions Tab Grid View

Google has changed things again.  For a long time email designers have been getting to grips with designing for images switched off – once again Google changes the rules and have given us a fresh challenge.  

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Developing the right segmentation strategy

Marketing isn’t getting any easier, we have at our disposal a phenomenal amount of data. We can ignore it or we can use it to make better sense of our customers through improved targeting and segmentation. 1. Think about your needs

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