Why Google+ is good for business

Google+ is fast becoming the business must have

At launch Google Plus was often compared to Facebook and described as a poor relation.  We all believed that it was yet another social media tool for us to broadcast to world on.  It was seen as largely unnecessary and adopted mainly by geeks and developers.

Things have changed and G+ now offers the business something quite different.

Facebook is for people

Facebook is social media in its truest sense, it is a place for individuals to go and interact with other individuals, or for the more cynical it is a place that gives the individual that sense of celebrity – it is a place to broadcast, be seen and show off. Individuals don’t tend to have websites so it works as a central hub – somewhere to store your hopes and dreams of your past and present and future.

Businesses however do spend much money, time and effort in creating their own websites. Business has therefore struggled with Facebook because in reality the brand would rather talk to the consumer on its own turf rather than have Facebook control who sees what and how they see it.

Why Google+ is different

Google+ is fast becoming the central hub for Google business tools we all know and love. Its integration into Google Places For Business enables Google users to be directed (using Google maps) to both your physical and your online premises.  G+ is becoming the hub for your assets, your images and your videos (YouTube).

Google+ isn’t about sharing your life it is about sharing your online experiences.

G+ is vital for effective search marketing

There is also little doubt that G+ will play a vital role in Googles search algorithms and will be used to increase organic traffic.

Its time to get in front and embrace the new G+ and encourage your site visitors to G+ your site.


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