Introducing the Sales Factory

After 3 years of running a home office I decided that I needed a grown up office and so I’ve been looking for office space.  Whilst exploring my options I came across Craig who runs a commercial photography studio Infinitus Studios .  Craig is involved in a lot of ecommerce fashion businesses and is something of a whizz in social media and it turned out that we share the same views on the effective marketing approach.

So as Craig had free office space in his studio I have moved in.  Whilst we both continue to do our own thing we can now offer a fully joined up approach which we are calling “The Sales Factory”.  We are talking to potential clients who need the combination of effective marketing, commercial photography and social media and we already have a major fashion ecom project on board.

Its very early days and we are still trying to iron out our proposition and get our broadband fully working!



MD of Plan A Marketing Limited

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